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Marketing Director, St. Mary-Basha Catholic School, Chandler, AZ

“We had 4 families in the first month who saw the ads, turned into

applications and have been accepted this past week.

It’s really exciting!”

Are you feeling like Jocelyn or more like Mr. Hosier?

Mr. Hosier recently celebrated his 57th birthday. A family man – a husband, father, and grandfather who runs a middle school.

He’s surrounded by dedicated teachers, a great support staff, and happy middle schoolers. What more could a principal want?

Unfortunately, Mr. Hosier can barely sleep at night.

The high student attrition rate, a decline in enrollment,

and fierce competition have severely affected his school’s rankings.

Same old tricks. 

He’s tried all the usual channels. The ones that worked so well for him in the past.  Local newspaper ads, direct mailers for the annual open house.   He’s even tried advertising on the local radio station…  Which he really thought would work. 

All of these had little to no effect…

He might not be alone in his plight, but many schools just like Mr. Hosier’s are standing out and growing their student base more than ever.

How do they do it?

What do all these successful schools have in common?

It's simple.

They tell their story, and the right people hear it.  They build relationships with online audiences.

The result?

They’re flooded with inquiries.    

Getting fresh leads in your inbox on a daily basis is possible,

and we can show you how.

After all, successfully marketing schools is what we do.

Total Facebook Likes


Monthly Reach


Total Campaigns


Average cost per inquiry


Average # of inquiries
per month 


Without increasing qualified inquiries, you cannot improve your results.  
The average cost to our clients per qualified inquiry is only $37.

How much is a new enrollee worth to you?

Enrollment marketing is changing.

It’s a jungle out there.

There has never been more competition in our education system.

Student families (your target market) have the widest variety of options ever.

Why are YOU the best option for their child?

That’s where we come in.

Here are the steps we take.

We will uncover the best tactics to effortlessly reach student families in your catchment area.

We craft compelling multimedia stories to engage student families. These messages are made to suit your audience at every stage of awareness. We market across all the major social media platforms.

Once the right people know exactly who you are, we bring them closer to your school. We help them overcome pre-enrollment concerns and guide them towards inquiring.

Is enrollment marketing an Art or a Science?

In short, it’s both. In order to survive, you need to evolve with the times and become a storyteller. Telling your story is the most powerful student recruitment tool you have. Storytelling is an art. Storytelling through technology is a science. Merging the art of storytelling with the science of targeted digital marketing is the key to increasing enrollment.

1. First, parents and students hear your story

You take charge of your reputation To help you do that, we: Use compelling educational content Join and steer parents’ discussions online Show them what your school has to offer!

2. Then, you influence their decision

By launching targeted marketing campaigns To help you do that, we:Analyze your audience’s emotional triggers Target a wide range of specific demographics Create viral referral campaigns that drive inquiries

3. Next, it’s time to convince them to inquire

By creating and sharing engaging stories To help you do that, we: Design unique, conversion-optimized landing pages Test to find what the decision makers really want Write student stories that convince them to enroll

4. Finally, You Get the Parents to Commit

By automating your nurturing system to help you do that, we:

Build compelling email campaigns that nurture and educate. Help you reach your leads through email, phone, chat or text message.

Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve the results you want.

“I am very Impressed! This is the most well written proposal I have seen. Very clear and easy to read. I feel that you really
listened and understand our core mission and clientele. I look forward to getting started next week.”

Jill Duoto, Head of School, High Bluff Academy, San Diego, CA

Tel: (860) 422-4828

500 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

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Win Students and Influence Parents

We believe that enrollment practices of the past will not sustain the schools of the future.

You’ve tried flyers, radio and billboards to bring new parents to your school
— now it’s time to try something different with Enrollhand.

STEP 1: Branding

We'll research your school and prepare a strategic digital enrollment roadmap.
We'll then translate your mission, vision, and values into an online digital story including videos, photos, music, articles, slideshows, infographics and pop-up handbooks.

STEP 3: Inquiry

Your story will fuel engagement and curiosity and nurture parents towards inquiring. When parents click on our ads they will be directed to a custom 'Landing Page' we will have built for you.

STEP 2: Targeting

We'll target the most relevant parent demographic in your area.
And your school will show up in front of over 30,000 relevant families in your area on premium sites, magazines, news publishers as well as Facebook and Google.

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Join Our Free Webinar

Win Students And Influence Parents Without Wasting Money On Marketing