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Define Your Dream Parents
Only the most relevant parents in your area will see our ads.

Their kids will stay and graduate and talk about your school..

Reveal What They Want
Next comes our detailed marketing gameplan.

Your board will be so happy...

Craft Your Fresh Message
We'll translate your mission, vision, and values into a digital story.

Monica Ness, Enrollment Director at Cedar Springs Waldorf School, cried when she saw her 1st video ad.

Get The Word Out
And your school will show up in front of over 30,000 best-fit families
in your area…

...on premium websites, online magazines, news publishers as well as Facebook and Google.

Create Trust & Connect

When they come over, they’ll know you already, they’ve seen your students
laughing in the playground, your teachers guiding a lively debate, other parents
extolling the value and meaning your school brings into their life.

Build Your Predictable Machine
When parents click on our ads they will be directed to custom web
pages and email sequences we'll build for you.

You will welcome engaged, curious parents at your Front Desk.

Picture this:

You enjoy full access to the best, end-to-end system for affordable student recruitment. Set it and forget it.

You can’t believe you were about to hire someone
internally to do this. This is a fraction of the usual
marketing cost.

The inquiries and expressions of interest commence.
Phones ringing. Emails. Facebook messages. Pouring in.


Quotes from School Principals

What’s your next step to start filling up your classrooms?

Which advertising channels are growing the most and why you should care.

How to understand parents’ fears and concerns and what to do about them.

The 3 stages that every parent needs to go through for choosing a school. This is why your ads aren’t working.

How working with school marketing experts actually pays off.

“We had 4 families in the first month who saw the ads,
turned into applications and have been accepted this past week.”


Marketing Director
, St. Mary-Basha Catholic School, AZ

“We counted 150 students first semester. That was before our work with you.
From October 2nd to February 14th, with your assistance we went from 150 to 360. So, huge conversion.”


, Michigan International Prep School, MI

“It’s really incredible, the number of inquiries. They’re just flooding in.
February doubled to 41 inquiries. That is the highest the school’s ever had in its entire history.”


Enrollment Director
, Cedar Springs Waldorf School, CA

“Almost daily, I get phone calls and emails asking for more school information.
Also, I’ve seen a huge boost in engagement on our Facebook page.”


Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy, MN

“Everyone says we are a secret jewel, and we don’t want to be secret anymore.”


Head of School
, The Imani School, TX

“People can get a full view of the school without having to step inside.
It’s as if we’ve given our audience a virtual tour of Roselle. When they visit now,
people are more confident and ready to commit. They want to be sold.”


Head of Admissions
, Roselle Catholic School, NJ


The Leading 
 Enrollment Accelerator 
For Schools & Colleges

 Enrollhand supercharges the way you attract, engage & enroll families at your school. 

You'll get help from 65+ school growth experts 
& the latest technology in advertising, graphic design, 
social media curation, online reviews management, 

appointment scheduling & virtual tours,
at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.


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So…’ve tried shiny flyers, catchy radio broadcasts, glossy print and big ol’ billboards to bring new families over to your school?

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While you’re greeting your students at the morning bus, Enrollhand is giving you a hand with enrollment. Our marketing system is 100% Done For You.

  You'll get help from 65+ school growth experts 
& the latest technology in advertising, 

graphic design, social media curation, 

online reviews management, 
appointment scheduling & virtual tours,
at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

 Enrollhand supercharges
 the way you attract, engage & enroll 
  families at your school.